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Last Call for SpaceMusic

This video portrays how I’ve been feeling about my blog lately.  Sorry guys, but I am just not satisfied with my work and cannot keep this thing going if I don’t like the end product.  I feel it lacks creativity and inspiration.  I’ll be out indefinitely.  I’m not saying I’m done but I need a break.  I’ll come back when I’m more inspired or have better ideas.  A big thanks for all those who have followed up until now!  Seriously, thank you!


Vampire Weekend: College Throwback

I was infatuated with Vampire Weekend back in my later college days.  To this day, I cannot help but sporadically jump around and sing A-Punk whenever it happens to comes on.  They are just a fun indie band, simple as that.  It’s easy to let everything go and dance around singing their catchy tunes.  They will be a fun act to catch late Sunday barring another potentially better act to see then.  They may be up against the likes of Wu-Tang, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pretty Lights, Tame Impala, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  I guess it really depends on how you want to finish your weekend.  Always bitter-sweet with these choices we have to make at Coachella.  They have an album due out early May so expect them to play some of their new material as well as past material from their debut self-titled album and their sophomore effort, Contra.

Maya Jane Coles: New Love

This lady lays down some dirty deep house.  In the past year, she won ‘Staff Pick: Artist of the year’ at the Beatport Awards, DJ Mag’s ‘Producer of the year, and Mixmag’s ‘Best Breakthrough DJ.  She was also featured on the one and only essential mix back in 2011.  To say she has had a great couple of years is putting it mildly.  Should be a great act to see early Sunday.

Lets get weird:  Birdy Nam Nam

For all you electro-heads:  Bingo Players

2 Coachella artists in 1 song:  Grimes – (Four Tet Remix)

Soon to be featured:  Four Tet

Beardyman: A Must See

This guy is sheer entertainment.  I missed him last time he was at Coachella and will not make that mistake again.  He’s renowned for his beatbox skills and his use of live loops to provide the utmost entertainment.  I highly suggest you check him out for yourself.  I warn you though, once you hit play you won’t be able to do anything else but watch.  So choose one and put aside the proper amount of time for your viewing pleasure.

James Blake: Yeeaaah Thasssit

James Blake - Øyafestivalen 2011

This English producer, singer, and song-writer will release his follow-up to his debut self-titled album about a week before Coachella is set to begin.  How exciting!  Earlier today he released his first single, Retrograde, from his forthcoming album entitled, Overgrown.  I must admit, it’s quite soothing.  Most consider him post-dubstep but with an element of soul/r&b to his sound.  Also check out his dope Boiler Room mix.  Just follow the last link.  For some reason, it wouldn’t let me share it on here.  Enjoy 😀

Dog Blood: Dynamic Duo?!?

If you haven’t already heard, Dog Blood is composed of Boys Noize (Alexander Ridha) and Skrillex (Sonny Moore).  Kind of an odd combination of talent if you ask me, but they definitely make it work.  As the story goes, they knew each other previously and met up this past summer in Mr. Ridha’s studio while Sonny was in Berlin for a show.  They say it was unplanned and it kind of just happened.  Whatever the case may be, they have an unbeatable formula.  Make something different from what they are both used to.  Simple, right?  Well their product says it all.  Its heavy, in your face, and I can’t wait to see them in a couple of months!

∆: Refreshing

Lets begin with how you actually pronounce the band’s name.  ∆’s name is pronounced “Alt-J” after an Apple keyboard shortcut.  As fresh as their name is, their sound is even more refreshing.  I’m not even sure if that sentence makes sense but it sounds right.  This Brit indie rock group released their debut album, An Awesome Wave, a little over a year ago and have gone a little under the radar.  Well at least my radar, that is until Coachella announced their lineup.  Thanks Coachella!  It’s not often you get to say this but you can easily listen to this album from front to back.  Just turn it on and go about your day.  I would roughly describe it as if folk met up with hip-hop beats who brought his new friend the synthesizer along to get together for a trippy experience through a dim-lit park.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  Enjoy 😀

The Faint: Ahead of their Time

This one is a throwback for me.  I was pleasantly surprised to see The Faint tucked away in there on Sunday.  I used to listen to these guys back when I was in high school when my brother first turned me on to them (2004ish??).  Thanks Brian!  I lost track of them shortly after entering college though.  Kind of wrote them off but here they are at Coachella 2013.  I feel like The Faint was a little ahead of their time.  Underappreciated really.  They remind me of bands from the indie electro scene that took over my life in 2009.  Bands like Empire of the Sun, MGMT, Crystal Castles, and Digitalism.  Their most recent work came out in 2008 when they released their 5th album, Fasciinatiion.  I have yet to give it a listen but I’ll update this thing if its worth the time.  Enjoy 🙂

Coachella 2013 Countdown: 73 Days

And the Coachella countdown begins!  In a little over a couple of months, this country’s most anticipated festival will kick off!  Leading up to this grand weekend, I will include a series of posts highlighting artists who will be at Coachella 2013 much like I did last year.  But first, a word on the lineup and the festival itself.

Coachella recently released their lineup with some mixed reactions.  I’ll be the first to admit, the headliners are weak and rather disappointing.  Well at least the ones in the biggest font on the poster.  Outside of that, I am a big fan of the lineup this year.  Its well-balanced and includes a couple of my favorites (Jamie xx and Beach House).  I feel the majority of the negative response is from the EDM kids who know nothing better than big drops, fist pumping, and Avicii’s Levels.  If that is what you are into, go to EDC.  Listen, I love electronic music as much as the next guy, maybe even more, but I am not distraught over this year’s lineup because there is no Swedish House Mafia type headliner.  Trust me, there is still plenty of quality electronic music to be had.  I also think the rumor mill really had people going this year.  Year after year, its been will Daft Punk be at Coachella this year?!?  And even with a new album to be released this Spring, again its sadly no as they turned down a “gigantic sum of money” from Mr. Tollet and company.  There were also talks of the Rolling Stones headlining but a couple of weeks ago they confirmed that they would not be performing due to scheduling or in other words, they weren’t prepared.  I also read it didn’t make financial sense for them to headline this year (maybe in the future though).

All thing considered, it’s all in the past now and we can only look forward to the acts Coachella has brought us this year.  Who knows?  Maybe you will discover someone new that you fall in love with!  So embrace this year’s lineup and its message to all major music festivals…its about the music, not the party, drugs, and those there just to say they have been to Coachella.  This certainly does not mean you can’t enjoy yourself while watching your favorite artists live though 😉